Council Members


List of Parish Councillors as per uncontested formal results in May 2021

Uncontested – Rivington, Parish Council results May 2021


Steven Jones Parish Council Chairman – Retired 31st March 2021

Steve JonesA resident of Rivington since 2012 and Parish Chairman since 2016 Steve is passionate about the place and improving the area for all. Steve is also a Board Trustee Member of Rivington Heritage Trust.


Rob Wilson  Parish Council Vice-Chairman

Olive Fisher  Parish Council Clerk

Barry Keenan

Mrs Lynne Berry – Retired 31st March 2021

I have been a resident of Rivington village for over 20 years

I attended the parish council meetings as a visitor but then decided to put my name forward to become a councillor in order to have some say into the well-being of the village and its inhabitants. I have now been a councillor for well over 15 years.

I became a Rivington Primary School governor , seeing it through its extension phase and I am a member of the Shaws Charity committee.

I am still a Rivington councillor, looking after the interests of its population, and I hope to remain so for many years to come.

David Jones

David JonesA resident of Rivington since 2011 and Parish councillor since 2017 David is dedicated to improving the experience for those who live in and for those who visit Rivington. David also runs a local Café and an electronic development company.


Trevor James-Ellett

Trevor James-EllettI was introduced to Rivington just over four years ago and fell in love with the village and its people immediately and so very quickly settled here and made it my home.

I joined the Parish Council two years ago as I have a strong passion for the area and have a desire to contribute to shaping its future.

Vince McCully

Vince McCully Vince has been a Parish councillor since 2012 and a member of Rivington Unitarian and Free Christian Chapel since 1996 (Minister 2013). Rivington and Anglezarke are dear to Vince’s heart and he has been acting as co-ordinator for ‘Rivington Spring Festival’ since 2017.